Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Song By Elbow, "New York Morning" (Album Out & NYC Tour Date May 16)

U.K. alt rock band Elbow is back with its sixth album, The Take Off And Landing Of Everything. I have been hearing the tune "Fly Boy Blue/Lunette" on my favorite online radio stations/new music sources KEXP and KCRW, but it's this song "New York Morning" that tells me this group is still in full swing since forming in 1997.  Those soaring vocals by lead singer Guy Garvey remind me of my very first favorite song by the group, "One Day Like This" (from the fourth album, 2008's Seldom Seen Kid).  His warm, storyteller delivery rips my heart wide open with the no-holds-barred instrumentation and I become a rapt a listener along for the ride -- this time the London quintet zeroes in on my beloved city just a train ride away. I could almost make a video of my own with gritty city streets around my first apartment as a newlywed, able to walk to Webster Hall which was then known as The Ritz. (And I've already snagged tickets to see the band there on May 16!)

In the song, Garvey sings "Oh, my giddy Aunt, New York can talk.  It's the modern Rome and folk are nice to Yoko." Turns out that Yoko Ono wrote to the band on their website, thanking them for the namecheck and continuing on with her own memories. Here is her note and the video of the song below, but be sure to check out the entire album (track listing at the end of the post).

Dear Guy, Craig, Mark, Pete and Richard,

Yes. New York has been kind to me as your song says. Thank you.

For John, he always wanted to come and live in this city, ever since he saw Bob Dylan on the famous album cover (The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan). And I played the catalyst to make his dream come true.

But in sleepless nights, I am still living in the memory of my sweet husband, who was virtually kicked out of his own country that he loved so dearly and learned to live in this bleak port city just so his woman and he could live in peace.

Two sides of the coin. Life is.

Have a great time in New York.
We loved it.



Track List:
1. This World Blue
2. Charge
3. Fly Boy BlueLunette
4. New York Morning
5. Real Life (Angel)
6. Honey Son
7. My Sad Captains
8. Colour Fields
9. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
10. The Blanket Of Night